7 countries, 14 cities…1 month!!! 1st Stop.

a href=”https://jewellbooks.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/002.jpg”>In September of last year i left Northern Ireland to start my European Adventure. Armed with a small pully suitcase and my best friend i counldnt wait to get stuck in. Arriving at Dublin Airport late probably wasnt the best move but it wasnt long till we were on our flight to Da Vinci Airport Rome. Italy was obviously our first stop and we had planned to travel North through some of the most famous and beautiful places that Italy has to offer. As we left the airport the heat was the first thing to hit and then the next thing was the utter confusion that the language barrier was going to cause. As many travellers do we had researched everything from eateries to bus timetables. Well it turned out that the bus we were supposed to get didnt actually run anymore and with a quote of 75 euro and an hour later we were contemplating walking to roma city centre. We eventually went to a taxi rank (officially taxis, be careful for fraudsters) and within seconds we were flying through a motorway with a man who spoke no English at all.

As we arrived at the Dreaming Roma Hostel and got into the old style lift (with a bolt and sliding doors) to the second floor we were greated by a large, rather boring looking door with a single door bell but nothing could have prepared us for the delight we were about to enter. The owner…a young italian welcomed us with open arms and were were overwelmed with pink feather boas and the most quaintest, cleanest little boudoir I had ever seen. As it was the first night of what would be a hectic month we decided to book a private room and at 30 quid each for 2 nights we couldnt believe our eyes. We half expected a basic room and if we were lucky clean sheets but it was rather the opposite. Our room was dedicated to south beach miami and we were greeted with a complimentary bottle of wine and also had a small balcony. With 2 bathrooms we had to share with everyone else, they were spotlessly clean with no ques. The female and male dorms were so quiet and we doubted it was a hostel at all.


We had a great nights sleep and stared a tour the next day of this magnificent city. Within 10 minutes of leaving the hostel we had passed (and explored) the piazzo di Porta San Giovanni and had arrived at the Colosseum. This beautiful ancient ruin just stood there beside a main road. I couldnt believe its beauty…the history just oozes out of it and we just stood there to take it all in. After obviously taking what felt like a thousand photos we made our way to board the 'hop on – hop off' bus. At 18 euro it was definately worth the wait to get on (about 45 minutes). Even though there was no seats on the top deck and with a combination of the heat and crowds and crying children we proceded to get off at every stop, have a little look around and then jump back on. We passed the Pantheon and gorgeous Trevi Fountain and had a marvel at Michelangelo’s Piazza del Campidoglio.

As we proceeded on past the Piazzo Navano and Spanish Steps we arrived at St Pauls Square. Words really cannot explain the sight that greets you when you step off that bus. If your like me and you've had seen it on TV loads of times you will be in complete awe of it. With 2 hour ques we opted for one of the so called dodgy boys that would potentially sell you a limb to make some cash and as this young man from newcastle brought us down back street after back street we started to panic a little it but we needn't have. These guys selling tickets for entry to the vatican are very legite and honestly worth the extra cash. We payed 45 euro and within 10 miutes had joined a group of 12 other english speaking tourists with our own personal quide and came complete with earphones so the walking tour could be heard all round this amazing building. We were quided into the Vatican gardens and the main Vatican museams and Basilica and finally ending up in the Sistine Chapel. Words really cannot explain the feeling of standing in that room. peace, tranquility and a sense of sadness. Both nights we decided to eat in Shooters restaurant…a typical italian that the locals enjoyed with hardly any tourists and was right at the edge of our street, therefore having really (really) good food for very reasonable prices.

Over all 2 days in rome really isnt enough time to do everything but we made a good attempt at it. We seen every sight we wanted to see, tried typical italian food and got over our phobia of hostel life as well as drinking a shed load of red wine and expresso coffees and made some friends along the way. Looking back we had an amzing time and enjoyed every second and without a doubt would visit this old, historic simply beautiful city that time has forgetten and people have unspoilt. A true wonder.


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