That moment when the penny drops, and you think to yourself…WHAT AM I DOING!!


Its been a wee while since i last wrote.

Truth be told i kinda lost heart, you see im from a small place called Londonderry in Northern Ireland and it doesnt exactly flow with inspiration.  Im not knocking it, no definately not. I was born here and have been here pretty much all my life. Just this year we were awarded City of Culture 2013 and hosted the BBC Radio One Big Weekend just last week. A couple of years ago i upped sticks and left home for a whole new life in England. Living and working outside of London in Kent opened my eyes to a whole other world.

Do i miss it now im back home….???

The simple answer is yes!! I miss it everyday.

The people there are outrageous and brave and they fight hard and work hard to get to where they wanna be, their not afraid to admit to being  a burlesque dancer or an aspiring actress or a dancer who just cant get that famous break that welcomes them to the world of celebdom and show business

Ever since i was a child i wanted to be a nurse. Was always running around bandaging my parents and checking there temperatures with my tiny fake thermometer. I think i even wore my little nurses hat from time to time. Anyways school happened and then work happened and as im sure many of you can relate when you get your first job and start making money its hard to leave it again. So cutting a long story short I worked and saved and travelled…had my girly holidays every summer and partied every weekend with the best group of girls you could every have around. We called ourselves the A*Team because you wouldnt have seen one of us without the other.  It was only when you go through a tradegy or a real grown up situation that I snapped out of my party girl world and actually realised that it was time to grow up and do something with my life.

So at the age of 21 i went back to college and then on to uni to become a nurse. It wasnt that i didnt have the brains when i was younger i just could not have been arsed with it. Life was too short to be sensible and settle down. I graduated when i was 25 with an honours degree and threw myself into the  world of nursing and responsibility.

As well as nursing, reading was my massive passion. I started reading when i was quite young and the first book i ever read was ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and that was me hooked.  I loved the way a book took you away to another life, almost becoming this person for a short amount of time. Concocting an image of the characters in my head, Always thinking about the story line, where it was going to take them and what would be the outcome.  It always baffled me where the authors got the storys from. Was it there sub consious writing this? Why did they set it there? Why this character? Why that character?

Well this my friend is what inspired me to write this blog. That…and of course living in London.  That city just does something to me. It brings out this aspect of me and every other person that lives  there…this part of me that wants to better myself. To follow my dreams.  People move there to follow their dreams…to make it onto the big screen or the big stage. 

It inspired me to want to write. About books. About anything really.

Im not brave enough to have everyone i know reading this yet because being from a small town, people have very narrow minds. I admire people who step outside of the box. I dont want people from my home town turning there noses up at me as if to say who does she think she is?  Writing and blogging as if shes some big shot from London town.

Well…im not a big shot from London but i do hope to return there in the new year.  And i will continue to follow my dreams. I enjoy writing…even if it is unread or unseen. So im sorry to disappoint that i dont have an english literature degree…or haven’t sold best selling novels but im passionate and have finally grew a set and realised that this is what i want to do. Im not afraid to say it anymore because i simply dont care what others think.

You never know…maybe some day i will write a novel or an article or a piece to be proud of. For now i’ll just continue nursing (for my sins) but watch this space.

Because life is too short not to follow dreams and do what makes us happy.


3 thoughts on “That moment when the penny drops, and you think to yourself…WHAT AM I DOING!!

  1. Love this Janine, your blog is fabulous and you are aninspiration! Wishing you every happiness, success and lots of adventures making memories on this next chapter of your life! Be sure to keep us updated !! 😀 x

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