What are you reading?

Well…what can i say…! After sitting through two and a half hours of the wonderful ‘The Great Gatsby’ directed by Baz Luhrmann, i left the cinema vowing to buy the book straight away. And thats exactly what i done.

I downloaded the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel into my kindle and couldnt wait to get stuck in. Can i be honest….i have to be honest. I was quite disappointed. The book didnt give me what the motion picture did, the excitement and freedom of the lifestyle these people lived. As much as i love the speak easy phase listening to it and reading it are two very different things. So after a good few chapters i gave up.

I am now currently reading ‘The wish List’ by Jane Costello. its a very easy read, a chick flick through and through and apsolutely perfect for this time of year as a beach read. It does however make you laugh out loud, humour thats hard to come by in books.

My next big thing to read is Lisa Jewell’s ‘ Before i met you’. With numerous best sellers under her belt such as ’31 Dream Street’ and ‘Ralphs Party’ this is a definate summer must read.


2 thoughts on “What are you reading?

    1. So sorry for the late reply. I am just finished Lisa Jewells novel ‘Before I met you’ and im currently reading an Irish novel called ‘Always you’. How about you, anything you would recommend?

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