Not so Fifty Shades of Grey!

50 shades

I don’t know about you but I didn’t particularly enjoy the books but like every other woman on the planet I read them to keep up with the trend.

This trilogy that has sold well over 70 million copies worldwide and made E. L. James a global star (and a multi-millionaire) literally took over the literary world. Everywhere you went people was talking about it. I suppose you could say it is an erotic (or pornographic, depending how we look at it) phenomenon.

Like with every book whilst reading, we build this profile of the characters. How they look, how they sound and how you imagine they would be. We don’t always like the characters…sometimes we love them. I’ve always found that’s the beauty of reading novels.

Mr Grey to me, is a stubborn, overpowering, obsessive man that I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot stick but in my mind and I’m sure in the minds of others he is very physically beautiful.

To say I’m shocked at the Christian Grey choice is an understatement. Charlie Hunnam is not what I expected. Mr Grey in his suits and low slung jeans with his piercing blue eyes and perfect hair…in my opinion is a far cry from who they have chosen. I’m not knocking his acting skills and I’m sure he’s very talented and very attractive. But…to play the worlds most wanted fictional bachelor. The cap just doesn’t fit. Having starred in Queer as Folk and Pacific Rum previously, I would rather have had Ryan Gosling or Ian Somerhalder but that’s just selfishness on my part and quite frankly beggars can’t be choosers.

As for lovely angelic, butter wouldn’t melt Anastasia. I hope she’s more feisty in the moving picture than she is on paper. I grew to like her character even though from time to time I often thought she needed a good talking to for putting up with Christian Greys crap. I liked the fact that she was a normal girl in a normal world and her life changed dramatically for the better. Dakota Johnson was another unlikely choice but am sure she will do a fantastic job.

Make of it what you will but I will definitely be queuing for a ticket despite the unknown, unlikely characters. I, for one can’t wait to see the film but it’s pure nosiness on my part, not for the love of the story that will drag me to the cinema. To see how they portray this graphic novel in the movie remains to be seen. Until then I’ll just keep dreaming of my choice of Mr Grey.


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