Lisa Jewell…Before I met you!!! Simply a must read.


Arlette works in Liberty by night, and by night is caught up in a glamorous whirl of parties, clubs, cocktails and jazz. But when tragedy strikes she flees the city, never to return.

Its London, Soho in 1920 and Arlette de la Mare is living a life that she never expected 70 years on and her step-daughter Betty Dean is following her foot-steps. Both of which having different reasons for being there.

Betty moved to Guernsey when she was a small girl and instantly clicked with this grand old lady who helped raise her. As life went on and the rolls changed Betty because her grand-mother Arlette’s carer in this big cold empty house on the Island she thought she would never leave. When Arlette died a mysterious benefactor in the will by the name of Clara Pickle was left a sum of money, Betty set off on a mission to find her and in doing so was opened up to a whirlwind of secrets and revelations.

This story is so beautifully written that I simply couldn’t put it down. You feel genuine emotion for each and every character. Arlette is beautiful, naïve and is thrown the worst fate. I’m not embarrassed to say that I shed a tear for her and betty is brave, ballsy and loyal with her head screwed on.

Everything about this novel is powerful and enlightening. The attention to detail, the descriptions the characters. Perfectly transporting you to another place…another time.

If it had half the writing skills and imagination that Lisa Jewell has id be a very lucky girl. I absolutely adored it. Do yourselves a favour and read this book.


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