Get your tash on for Movember!

movember 2
The month of November is upon us and apart from the start of the Christmas adverts…the talk of Christmas nights out and the panic over presents there’s something else on everyone’s mind this month (or should I say mouths) and that’s Movember.

Movember is responsible for many sprouting and struggling moustaches all around the world. As well as growing their Mucka’s, men raise funds and awareness for prostate and testicular cancers. This great cause also provides education for people living with cancer and all the mental health issues surrounding this.

The phenomenon started in Melbourne in 2003 and is now global with over 3 million people registering over 21 countries and it’s said that there is many more men taking part without registering. In 2012, an amazing £92 million was raised just from being hairy.

There is no secret that many male cancers are ignored and Movember is a great way of reminding men that they really should get a little more friendly with their man bits.

Soooo…whilst your tash is growing and the sponsors come flowing in…get to know those balls of yours!!!!!


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