A Book Review! Silver Bay by Jojo Moyes.

silver bay
‘Liza McCullen will never escape her past. But the unspoilt beaches and tight-knit community of Silver Bay offer the freedom and safety she craves – if not for her herself, then for her young daughter, Hannah.
Until Mike Dormer arrives as a guest in her aunt’s hotel, and the peace of Silver Bay is shattered. The mild-mannered Englishman with his too-smart clothes and disturbing eyes could destroy everything Liza has worked so hard to protect: not only the family business and the bay that harbours her beloved whales, but also her conviction that she will never love – never deserve to love – again’.

I came across Silver Bay by accident really. It flashed up on my kindle as a recommended read and having read JoJo Moyes before I knew I was in for a treat. To be honest I felt it started off a little slow but by chapter 6 I was well and truly hooked. You can’t help but love the main characters.

Kathleen is brave and fiercely independent…the kind of person who doesn’t need words to speak.

Liza makes you feel sorry for her and angry at her in equal measure. She is a quiet being and her own worst enemy at times but everything she does is for reason.

Hannah is smart and beyond her years and to me she is what keeps the family going.

Mike Dormer thinks he has it all but when he gets to Silver Bay he soon realises that this isn’t true. Everything that once made him happy now makes him miserable and his fate lay here in this beautiful corner of the world all along. He is an ambitious, kind man, who puts the needs of others before his own.

There is a heartbreaking twist to the story but will having you reading at double speed. I don’t want to give too much away because every page tells a story and every chapter throws in a twist. I even loved the facts and information about the whales and dolphins that were included in the book.

Silver Bay is beautifully written and flows perfectly. It’s imaginative and reads at a perfect pace.

It was one of those rare times when i was genuinely raging that the book was finished.


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