Super Sydney!!!

Before arriving in Sydney the only things I knew about it was the Opera House and the beach. In all honesty…these are probably the best things it has to offer.

I went there in June, which probably wasn’t the best time to visit Australia considering this is their wintery season. Within minutes of leaving the airport (and after some very emotional reunion moments with my former housemates and bezzies) we had taking shelter from the rain in a taxi. It whisked us at record speed out to Bondi Junction which would be our home for the next week.

We wasted no time at all in getting ready to hit the town. After 2 days in Dubai and a booze fuelled flight to Oz we were quite a state if the truth be told, not helped by the fact that my lovely friends had the goon ready and waiting for us. For any of you who doesn’t know what that it’s probably best you keep it that way. For the curious….it is a 4L box of wine with a pump.

With our glad rags on we headed to Cargo Nightclub in Darling Harbour. Simply beautiful by day and sensational by night we were determined not to let the torrential rain dampen our spirits. So with frizzy hair, soggy feet and belly full of Jack Daniels we danced the night away.

As usual, as we have done in every other city on our travels we decided to board the Hop on, Hop off Big Red City-tour bus. Starting in Circular Quay we toured the whole of the city which took approximately 1 ½ hours.

Sydney Opera House is obviously Sydney’s claim to fame. Right on Sydney Harbour at the Bennelong Point. With views right across the water to the famous Harbour Bridge it is the perfect place to chill out and have drinks. And drink we did – demolishing several bottles of champagne at the Opera Kitchen whilst eating steamed dumplings and watching the world go by.

Later that night we got the ferry from the Opera House to Darling Harbour and finished the night by the water at a restaurant called Ceron. We had perfect steak and chips washed down by cocktails and wine.

A fifteen minute walk from Bondi Junction is Bondi Beach. Just like any other beach on the planet but with gorgeous white sands, fabulous views and clad with ripped, (model like), wetsuit wearing surfers. It really has to be seen to be believed as hundreds of surfers take to the waters with their boards to catch the waves. The Bondi strip is lined with tourist shops, coffee houses and restaurants. We also paid a visit to the world famous Bondi Ink to get tattooed.

One of my favourite places (besides Bondi Beach) was Newtown. With its artsy feel and bohemian attitude it has something for everybody. The streets are lined with quirky boutiques, vintage fashion shops, as well as book stores and art galleries. It’s vibrant and buzzing – known as ‘Queen Bee’ of misfits (probably why I liked it so much).

The bars are very much the same as the streets – quirky and different. Drinking jugs of prosecco from the barrel, sharing the unisex toilets and taking in the surroundings complete with a real life kissing booth the Newtown Hotel is certainly worth a visit.

For me a week in Sydney was the perfect amount of time to see all the sights and take in the atmosphere. Australia is a huge place that I have seen a tiny slice of but for now I’m happy saying I’ve sailed under the harbour bridge at night and took in the sea air of Bondi Beach.


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