The Bondi to Coogee Walk

This amazing piece of the world is situated in Sydney’s Eastern Suburb…all 6km’s of it. I have to be honest; the first time I done this walk I was wearing my winter warmers and boots that definitely weren’t made for walking. After a glass of wine and an inspection of the blisters I decided I would do it again in true Ozzy style.

So later that week I took off in my jogging gear and a borrowed pair of trainers (thanks Deirdre). My friend and fellow walker Orlaith took off with a backpack (supplied by her) full of goodies for a picnic along the way. The sun was shining and the sea was black with surfers. Runners and joggers took to the trial with us with their dogs in tow.

We started at Bondi beach – best known for its sandy beaches and cafe culture and headed through the beautiful terrain of rocks and make shift walk ways with wooden bridges and steep cliff edges.

The next beach we came to was Tamarama. Unknown to me at the time, this beach has a bit of a reputation. Apparently it’s were all the beautiful people hang out earning the name ‘Glamarama’. It’s a lovely stretch of white sparkly sand with amazing views.

The next stop was Bronte Beach. With its green valley overlooking the bluest water I’ve ever seen called Bronte Gully. As we walked we couldn’t help noticing a photo shoot taking place on the rocks. This is also home to the famous ‘Bogey Hole’. A 30 metre ocean rock pool.
brontebogeyThe ‘Bogey Hole’

Clovelly Beach is very popular with swimmers and was the next leg of our walk. It sits at the end of a narrow bay between Bronte Beach and Gordon’s Bay.

After 2 hours we strolled onto Coogee Beach, slightly weaker, sweatier versions of ourselves. Coogee is more of a bay and is sheltered from the roughest seas of Wedding Cake Island. At the north of the bay there is stairs that take you right round to Dolphin Point.

Unfortunately we didn’t go that far because Coogee is truly lovely and our stomachs were growling at us. It’s literally a straight road opposite the shore lined on either side with quirky cafes and funky bistros and bars. I had an amazing Mozzerella and Buffalo Tomato Salad in ‘Coogee Cafe’. With its free WIFI and small tables with wooden surround it felt like something off the set of Home and Away.

My friend Victoria also recommended ‘Gusto’ which does amazing coffee at an outdoor and indoor coffee bar with skinny muffins and healthy snacks. Totally in keeping with the healthy vibe that the Ozzy’s seem so seep.
I highly recommend that walk to anyone who like me has a travel wish list and will settle at nothing until every single last wee box is ticked off. The views are outstanding, the talent even better and the sense of achievement afterwards makes it all worth wile.


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