If You Could See Now by Cecelia Ahern!

Elizabeth Egan is living her life to please others! In fact Elizabeth isn’t living at all. Between looking after and trying to raise her adopted nephew Luke and keeping her interior design company afloat, she has become truly lost to herself.

Her reckless free-spirited younger sister Saoirse keeps running in and out of her life causing nothing but disruption and leaving Elizabeth to pick up the pieces each and every time.

Haunted by the past of her runaway mother and the abrupt ignorance of her father, she has become stuck in a rut, lonely and isolated.

Que Ivan…the handsome, childlike man who enters Elizabeth’s life just when she needs him. But there’s a major twist as Ivan is also Luke’s imaginary friend.

This book is definitely for those with an imagination. I have to be honest, it did make my eyes well up a few times as it is ultimately a book about love and relationships but it was, however, very different to anything I’ve ever read before and some people may find it a little farfetched.

In saying this, I’ve yet to read a book by Cecelia Ahern that I didn’t like and this is no different. An emotional, heartwarming read with a particularly happy ending. Definitely worth a read.


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