Valentine Smalentine!!!


Happy Valentines Day.

I personally dont give a dam about this day, I never have. I am young (kind of), free (sometimes) and single (very) after all.

For those of you that are loved up or married, have a lovely day. But remember, just because its the 14th February doesn’t mean that you can be romantic today and then forget all the other days of the year.

Surprise the love of your life every once in a while. Be spontaneous and take pleasure knowing that you have found each other. Some people spend their entire lives looking for their soul mate – so consider yourself lucky!

For all of you singletons – use this day wisely. Do something you wouldnt normally do or do something you’ve wanted to do for a while. For me…its a nose piercing.  Why…? Because I can!!!

Finish that book you started ages ago, catch up on your programmes or simply crack open a bottle of wine and watch that film you have been meaning to see.

Bleughhh…who needs Valentines Smalentines day anyway! 😉

Janine at jewellbooks


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