5 Favourites of Florence


I wasn’t really there long enough to do anything too exciting so I’ve included the most popular and must see attractions in Florence.

Whilst we were visiting there was torrential rain and thunder and lightning, probably the worst I’ve ever experienced, and that’s saying something as I’m from Northern Ireland were there’s four seasons in one day.

The first thing I noticed about Florence was that it didn’t feel very Italian. The train station was very modern and it has, in recent years become quite cosmopolitan and popular with shoppers. It has however kept its laid back pace which is lovely when visiting the city and taking in the sights.

So here’s my top 5 must see’s and do’s!

1. Il Duomo di Firenze (The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore) – impressive and simply beautiful to look at.

2. David’s Statue by Michelangelo – just because you can and it’s a tick of the old wish list box to say you’ve been.

3. Piazza della Repubblica – This square is gorgeous with its live bands, cobbled walkways and marble arch’s with stalls selling real leather and silk. It totally transforms at night and becomes the diners dream with restaurateurs moving their diners out on to the streets. Get lost in the city’s avenues and boulevards.

4. Hard Rock Cafe – I know you think I’m mad but trust me. As we all know the Italians aren’t known for nightclubs so we headed here – off the square – out of the torrential rain. They serve food and drink 24/7 and we literally had a feast of food, red wine and whiskeys at 3.00am in the morning.
hrc 3

5. Piazza del Duomo – In the heart of Florence, it claims to be the most visited square in Europe. I found it lovely as it seems to be the communal junction of Florence. With the world famous Lindt chocolatier shop and quirky vintage boutiques. As well as all this you will find the nicest crepes, ice creams and coffee Florence has to offer.

Would I rush back…probably not but this part of the world is a must, if even just the once.


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