An Empire State of Mind

From the 86th floor Manhattan looks pretty small, as if the buildings were made for ants. Lights twinkle and flicker – it’s as if the sky is below us. A sea of stars, amongst the concrete jungle.


The empire state building is 443.2m above ground at the intersection of 5th Avenue and West 34th street and was known as New York’s tallest building for just over 40 years.

On the day of our visit the 102nd floor was closed to the public but the observation deck on the 86th was just as impressive. The 103 floor is also accessible but I’ve been told it’s only for celebrities and people of importance. It took just over a very short minute to go from 1 to 80 in the lift and was a bargain at just $27. The corridors and queues shouldn’t deter you as the end result is so worth it.

From up here the wind is deafening and your voice is swept away before reaching who it’s intended for but in the deafening gales brings a certain silence, so really, no words are needed as the views speak for themselves.

With 360 degrees views of NYC, the empire state building is a must see. If heights aren’t your thing then let the art deco construction and history bring you through the doors instead.


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