The One Plus One by Jojo Moyes

One Single Mum. One chaotic family. One handsome stranger. One unexpected love story!

Jess is just getting by and no more. Working two jobs just to make ends meet but still not getting her head above water. Tanzie, Jess’ daughter is a maths genius who always has her head in the books. She’s sweet, innocent and different to other children. Nicky is Jess’ stepson and couldn’t feel anymore out of place if he tried. Quiet and withdrawn, he feels he can’t fight the bullies anymore.

Throw all this into one car and add filthy rich handsome stranger Ed who has more problems than the rest put together and the gorgeous big smelly dog Norman into the mix and you have pretty much got the jist for the story.
I received this book as an advanced reading copy and couldn’t wait to get stuck in. There was such hype surrounding it and I’m a massive fan of ‘Me Before You’. I have to be honest that it took me longer than usual to read this book but I did enjoy it. It was realistic and the characters believable, especially Jess who has this fight or flight strategy for everything life throws at her. There are some very poignant moments in the book like when Ed goes to see his sick father or Jess visits her estranged husband but I don’t want to give too much away on the storyline.

This book is full of ups and down, some very happy moments that have you grinning to yourself and other very sad moments that have you screaming at the book. Jojo Moyes done it again…it’s thoughtfully and beautifully written. A real life love story with a twist.

Thank you very much to Net Galley and Penguin Publishers for giving me advanced reading on this novel.


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