An Obsession with a Skyline

New York is known for many things but the skyline is the most iconic. Everything from the art deco design of the Chrysler building to the renaissance architecture of the flat iron building on Fifth Avenue.

The skyline is split into two main parts. Mid-town which is the central business district of the world and lower Manhattan were the twin towers once stood. The One World Trade Centre now stands here at 104 storeys high.

Obviously the view you get of the skyline all depends on where you’re standing when looking at it. When in the air it’s like a concrete dot to dot. When standing on the ground you develop a creek in your neck and every building starts to look the same – amalgamating into one.

From the water its a whole other story. The blueness of the Hudson against the grey and brown of the buildings is the perfect backdrop. The further out on the water you are, the prettier it becomes. This skyline is the perfect stage for the Brooklyn Bridge and Lady Liberty herself.
ny 2

Since I started travelling I’ve accumulated a small collection of skyline memories (but still have so many to see). Here are my other favourites…

Beautiful Dubai

Lovely London
londonlondon eye

Sydney, Australia


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