The Summer I Found You


All they have in common is that they’re less than perfect. And all they’re looking for is the perfect distraction.

Kate has it all, good looks, the perfect boyfriend and college to look forward to. Until one day her life changes for ever. Diagnosed with diabetes, her days now consist of counting cards and injecting insulin and to top it all off, her boyfriend has broken up with her.

Aidan has returned home from Afghanistan after an explosion that killed his dear friend and took his right arm. After numerous surgeries and intense therapies, he is at a loss as he grieves the life he once had and as the realisation sets in that his career in the army is over, struggles to find where his place is now in the world.

What they both needed was a distraction; a break away from real life but when they meet things couldn’t be any more real if they tried.

When I first got approved this book via Netgalley I was chuffed but simply because of the beautiful cover on the book itself. Labelled YA and teens I was a little dubious as I fall into neither categories but was very pleasantly surprised.

The book is very well written and well structured and really has the ability to grip you so is a complete page turner. The issues Kate and Aidan deal with are very real and grown up but there is still an element of adolescence and immaturity to the book. The characters are likeable; especially Aidan and his uncle Foster but Kate’s parents irritated me.

I would definitely recommend this book as it was lovely to read, covered real problems and issues that some people may relate to and at times pulled at the heart strings but bear in mind the target audience is teenagers and young adults.

Overall, a good realistic read with a happy ending.


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