Taking my own advice!


People always say to me, ‘where do you get the time to read all those books’ or ‘how can you afford all the travel’!? Well the answer is I dont and I cant!

I set up my blog a mere 10 months ago and I love it…I really love it. Its a great thing to be a part of and the blogging community is a lovely one to be part of.

I envy people who read 10 books a month and have a new published blog every other day as well as meeting family demands and holding down a job.

When people ask me how I do it I always say ‘oh I just find the time somehow’ but that isnt so this last while.

I work full time as a nurse to pay for my travel…I read everyday in life when I get a spare 5 minutes.  I tend to spend at least an hour a day writing and prepping for my next blog entry and as well as all this im doing my diploma in Journalism which includes alot all of the above. All this mixed in with time for me, family and friends (and my new found love of yoga) is no easy task.

So I need to start following my own advice and just get on and do it. Stop making excuses or getting so stressed out that I cant even function right and just do it. I found a quote on instagram earlier that said “Do What You Love” and I couldn’t agree more.

If everybody followed this small piece of guidance the world and everyone in it would be a much nicer place.


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