Champagne for breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien

Last year whilst on a trip to Dubai, with our bellies growling at us and to take shelter from the blistering head we stumbled upon Le Pain Quotidien…translated as The Daily Bread.

This rustic, modern eatery has had me obsessed every since. It specialises in organic healthy foods especially their breakfast menu which will have your mouth watering just reading the menu. First opened and founded in Brussels in 1990 this single bakery-cafe has now become a very large international chain in 17 countries worldwide.
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After amazing buffalo salad with artisan bread and fresh fruit topped with organic natural yogurt all washed down with freshly squeezed apple juice we swore we would have to track these restaurants down again on our further travels.

Fast forward a year and walking through Soho Manhattan we came across it again. This time it was black bean hummus on fresh bread with avocado and celeriac only this time washed down with 2 bottles of Champagne. Even though it specialises in health conscious foods and detox dishes it has a very relaxed atmosphere which is perfect for drinking with friends.
Le Pain Quotidien at Columbus Circle, Central Park, NYC

Columbus circle at Central Park, NY also have a fab restaurant with a great selection of homemade honey, jam and salad dressings as well as pastries and breads for eating on the go. It’s a very easy going place with long tables which you share with strangers. You literally pick a pew and sit where you can.

I don’t usually write or blog about eating out but as I woke this morning and tucked into my usual boring breakfast of coffee and weetabix my mind went astray and I could nearly smell the freshly cooked breads wafting up the streets of Soho.

Check it out for yourself at


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