Quad Biking around the Coast of Crete

Driving along the coast of Crete is nothing unusual but when doing it in a four-wheel terrain motorbike it’s a whole other experience.

Beach road in Crete starts in Minoos Street, Malia and goes all the way through Stalis to Themistakleous at Star Beach in Hersonissos.

Beach Road, Crete

Staying in Stalis, also known as Stalida, we rented our quad bikes from Royals, a company that runs all over the Greek islands. With compatible prices, a standard quad cost us 18euro per day with insurance cover. The same company also offer car and jeep rental.

Enjoying a tipple in Stalis

Sticking to the coastal road we followed the water from one end of the island to the other. The National Road is a dual carriageway that runs parallel to the beach road but is much busier and much more dangerous as there are no traffic lights or sidewalks.

The beauty of travelling by four-wheel quad is that you can stick to the smaller roads and go at a slower pace in order to take in the amazing scenery and views of the Aegean Sea. The road itself is in very good condition and has very little traffic although we did pass people riding by horseback on some of the narrower parts of the road so best to be on your guard for them.

Sea views from Beach Road

Starting at Potomas Beach we mingled with the locals before travelling to Malia Old Town and walked along cobbled streets whilst watching the locals take their drinking water from an old well. After Moussaka in Stablos and Elizabeths Restaurant followed by iced tea we set off again and travelled west to Stalis, the perfect example of a Cretan town.

Malia Old Town
Drinking Well in Old Town

On our way to Hersonissos we went off the beaten track and drove to a small village high in the mountains called Mohos. Recommended to us by the owner of our hotel it is inhabited only by locals.

Mohos Village in the Mountains

Leaving here we rejoined the coastal road and finally reached Star Beach and the holiday resort of Hersonissos. We ended up at the harbour bordering the Mediterrian Sea and decided to sit down to a well deserved Raki!

Hersonissos Harbour

In recent years there has been very negative press towards the use of mopeds and quad bikes in holiday resorts but if done correctly and safely with insurance cover and always wearing a helmet it can be a very refreshing and alternative way of getting to the nooks and crannies of this beautiful island.


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