Shakespeare & Co…the literate’s dream!

Amongst the madness of Broadway in Washington Place in New York City is a quaint little gem known as Shakespeare and Co bookstore. With vintage Chanel, Pain Le Quotidien, Sephora and every other shop or boutique you could imagine, this modest size bookstore should be out of place but surprisingly, it’s not.

I still don’t know how we seen it, covered in scaffolding at the time. The front door barely visible from the sidewalk. I almost cried when I walked in. Literally from wall to wall, floor to ceiling was covered in books and stationery.

Set in old wood and donning famous quotes from all the other greats, I was in my delight. Every book, novel, classic, debut you could imagine was lining the shelves. A small section as you walk through the door at the front of the store is the writers dream. A few hours could literally be spent admiring the writing journals, postcards and Shakespeare memorabilia.

My favourite part aside from the whole basement of this store was dedicated to literary types and covered in original screen writes was the sliding ladders that make all bookshops complete.

Shakespeare and Co are a small chain of bookstores in Paris and New York. This particular one that I was lucky enough to find was overcrowded, out-dated and completely perfect. As sad as it might seem, this hidden little gem absolutely made my trip to NYC.


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