A tourist in my own Town!

Last year, when I first started blogging it was solely focused on places I had been in the world, adventures or experiences I had, and books id read along the way.

With the first birthday of the blog just a few weeks back and slowly but surely the followers and support getting bigger by the day it got me thinking.

The places I write about aren’t unusual or off the beaten track and most people know of them or have themselves paid these fantastic places a visit. Sooo…why not spend sometime blogging and writing about what is right under my nose….Northern Ireland. 

For the next couple of weeks, through the summer im going to pay a big landmark or local tourist attraction a visit. Im going to be a tourist in my town, if you like!

As a child my sister and I were taken on our holidays to the North Antrim coast and its here that I have some of the best memories so theres no better place to start than there. 


Last weekend we went to Carrick a rede rope bridge (blog to follow on this) and it honestly blew me away. I dont ever remember it being this beautiful but its given me itchy feet. My next road trip will be too Dunluce Castle.

Really…sometimes the best things in life are right under your nose…just waiting to be explored and shared.

Check out my blog later this week for my Carrick – a – rede rope bridge post!

Janine at jewellbooks!


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