Two words that got me thinking!

This weekend, whilst out with friends, somebody told me that I was motivated and passionate. These are two words that I’ve never, ever been called before and it got me thinking that its probably two of the best attributes that we can possess.

To me, anybody that has a job, a family, a business, owns pets or travels is motivated. Someone who takes out a mortgage on a house or moves to another country or city is motivated. Everyone has motivation – admittedly, some more than others.

But passion is a trait that very few people have. And that’s a real pity because without passion what’s the point. Whether its passion in a relationship, for a love one, in a job, a hobby, whatever…it is this trait that will carry us through to where we need to be. And more importantly, where we want to be.

As a nurse, a person who spends her working day looking after other people, compassion comes naturally to most of us, but sadly not to all. The same applies to my writing, which up until last year was an anonymous hobby, is now a possible career. One that I love doing and spend every minute of every day thinking about. Never too far from a notepad and pen. This I believe is passion…and it’s the passionate side of me that finally made me grow a set of balls and do what I wanted with my life. Jewellbooks is the result of this.

My friends and family I feel are all as passionate as I am. Whether it’s striving to start in the world of business or fighting with all that they have against disease and illness. I see it every day in the people I love.

I suppose, after all my ramblings (I don’t really know where all this came from) what I’m trying to say is that I’d like to thank the person who told me this. Motivation and passion are two of the most beautiful and positive attributes a person can have. And by possessing both of these things, people can come through some of the most horrific things life can throw at them and dreams can become a reality.


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