The Caves of Cushendun

On the far tip of the East Coast of Northern Ireland in Cushendun. Taking off in the car I thought we would never get there after driving for 3 hours through the seaside town of Ballycastle and Ballypatrick forest. Finally we saw the coast in the distance with some beautiful views of the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland, a mere 15 miles across the channel.

Cushendun is an ancient ferry port that winds by Loughan Bay and Torr Head and I have to be honest and say that it really wasn’t what I was expecting. I didn’t know the place existed until researching the Game of Thrones sets and scenes shot in Northern Ireland. And in saying all this I have never actually watched this but was interested to visit the most visited sites in Ireland.

The caves of Cushendun were formed over millions of years ago. Like all other caves in the world they started as mountainous areas but due to the extreme weather conditions that us Irish folk have to put up with this is what is left of the vast mountain range. The weathered and eroded cliffs have resulted in old red sandstone rock.
Only two of the caves are actually physically high enough to walk into and through them. The rest are hidden in the mountain side. On exploring to the deeper and the largest of the caves was a set of rod iron gates and on the other side of these gates what can only be described as a tropical garden.

To me this wasn’t really worth the drive. The caves in my opinion are a little creepy and very mucky. The views are lovely but no more so than the rest of the North Antrim coast and the village itself was a letdown. The public toilets I honestly wouldn’t have let my dog in and the deserted street and derelict hotel.

Good to see the once, this historic town didn’t really do it for me but I’m glad I can now say I ventured through the famous caves of Cushendun.


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