The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me – Book Review

book 2
I honestly cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this book. It was unpredictable, poignant and exceptionally written.

The blurb
Sally is an incredible singer but she sings only in her wardrobe where nobody can hear her. She’d rather join a nudist colony than sing in public.

That is until she ventures to New York where a wild and heady summer of love and loss changes her forever. No longer able to hide in the shadows, Sally must return home to London to fulfil a promise she cannot break – to share her voice.

But just as she’s about to embark on her new life, a beautiful man turns up on Sally’s doorstep bearing a sheepish smile and a mysterious hand-written message.

How did he find her? Why is he here? Does he hold the truth to what happened back in New York? And, with him back on the scene, will she still have the courage to step into the spotlight?

Sally is a unique kind of person because she puts everything and everyone in front of herself. Her own needs are put on the back burner and she has more or less dedicated her life to looking after her little cousin Fiona. Sally is also terrified of singing in public even though she has the most beautiful operatic voice.

Fiona is a very sad, troubled young girl who has suffered more tragedy in her twenty something years than most do in a lifetime. She is a professional ballet dancer but is spiralling slowly and surely out of control. All the other characters just slotted in perfectly. Jan Borsos is genius and I really hope that his character was based on an actual person because what a human being that would be.

I also loved Julian and his quirky ways. Despite the tragedy and heartbreak that is thrown at you half way through the book, overall this book is based on love and finding ‘the one’. I was very shocked by the story line which I love when reading because predictability can become a hindrance.

I’d say my favourite overall summary of the book is that nobody in it was perfect. Sally was a bit of a loner who isn’t skinny or perfect and doesn’t wear designer clothes. Julian has wild hair and tatty clothes and is clumsy and loveable. Sally’s parents were cold and withdrawn and Fiona gets mixed up in drug abuse and eating disorders.

Each page takes you on a journey of discovery for Sally as she finally faces her demons and starts to sing professionally. The tragedy in the book is what potentially saved Sally from the person she was turning into to the person she actually was, and, wanted to be.

I won’t spoil the storyline or give a run down on the events but I absolutely loved every single page of it. The facts about the opera and classical music were so interesting and refreshing as it was different to anything I’d read before and I also adored the fact that it was set in London and New York. Two of my favourite cities.

This was the first book id read of Lucy Robinson’s but definitely won’t be the last. She writes so beautifully and from the heart that I literally couldn’t leave the book down.


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