Full Circle Views at 360 Dubai

360 1
Climbing into a golf buggy in the middle of a fairy light infested courtyard we were not overly convinced that this was the best idea we had ever had. Then we took off and within seconds we had ascended onto the Jumeirah Beach Marina and making our way very slowly but surely towards the most impressive club location I have ever known.

360 is situated at the very end of the marina, planted in a bed of rocks with nothing surrounding it but the Arabian Gulf. Voted in the top 100 clubs in the world for the last 3 years. It’s not hard to see why this venue scooped the timeout Dubai award for best club.
The Entrance to 360

We were met at the door by a burly bouncer who studied our ID’s and then finally granted us entry to what felt like an enormous fish bowl. The music was a mixture of house dance music and chilled anthems. The clientele were obviously the elite of Dubai with the odd tourist thrown in for good measure.
Inside the amazing decor of the world famous club

In the evening 360 serves Pan-Asian food and in less blowy weather conditions has a beautiful roof top bar and terrace complete with chic white sofas and views you will never forget. No matter where you stand or sit in this building you will have the most spectacular views of the gulf and the Burj Al Arab.
The Burj Al Arab and Dubai city lights by night

I still to this day don’t know how we found out about this place but I wish I could thank who ever found it. It’s very expensive and an average glass of white wine will cost you the guts of £15 – £20 but it is definitely worth it. Not only did we live it up like VIP’s and rub shoulders with the rich and famous we also got a taste of a lifestyle that we will probably never afford.
Jumeirah Beach Road

The sound of the waves whipping the rocks and the luminous views of Dubai City Life was the icing on the cake as we headed back inland to a more modest but just as magnificent Jumeirah Beach Road.


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