Ghostly goings on!


Okay…so out of all the holidays and celebrations that we have, Halloween is by far my least favourite.

I hate dressing up and the very thought of having to put a costume together is enough to put me on the booze. The bangers and fireworks always make me feel emotional, I have no idea why but I’ve never ever liked those big explosions of light in the sky.  And dont even get me started on horror movies.

The last time I watched one I stayed awake for a week, traumatised by what I had seen and even more horrified that some weirdo actually sat down to put pen to paper and came up with this crazy shit.

In saying all this I do love a good ghost story. I believe in all things ghostly and spooky and living in Northern Ireland ive heard and experienced quite a few things that cannot be explained. My favourite being the ghosts of Prehen House.

So this halloween dont expect pictures of me carving out pumpkins or rocking up to a party dressed like Martisha Adams. I wont be hitting the town or decorating the front step.

I will however be visiting a few haunted locations in the next couple of weeks and of course blogging about them on Jewellbooks.

I look forward to letting you all know about my escapades and  goings on in the coming weeks in the run up to Halloween.


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