Paper Swans by Jessica Thompson

I bought this book because I loved the cover. That’s right…it wasn’t for a publication date or a review copy for an author. If I’m being really honest I didn’t even bother to read the blurb. I simple seen the cover and had to have it.

The Blurb

Ben has it all. The great job, the designer suits, a sports cars and a string of woman at his beck and call. But he is riddled with guilt over an accident that happened when he was a teenager and life in his top notch job, luxury apartment and elite bars starts to slowly but surely fall apart.

Will Effy be able to save him from his demons? She is strong willed, ambitious and a feminist at heart. Their two worlds are completely different but meeting each other could be the very thing that saves them both.

This book is chick-lit through and through but does however have a very strong focus on mental health issues, predominantly depression, anxiety and low self esteem. I loved the title and the reasoning behind it (you will have to read it to see why) and I enjoyed that it was easy reading.

In saying all this it was very predictably from start to finish and I personally like a bit of suspense in my reading. It’s well written and has a great flow but could have been doing with a bit more excitement about it.


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