Best Bakeries in London Town

All of us have a sweet tooth; some of us just like to give into it more than others. If that’s the case, London is said to be (next to Paris) something of an expert in all things bread and bun related. Giving its rich cultural diversity there is nothing you can’t find. It has everything from the French Croissant to the Bavarian Pretzel and of course you can get good old fashioned wheaten bread as well.

Here is a rundown of my top 5 bakeries London has to offer.

Balthazar Boulangerie in Covent Garden is a must see as it’s like stepping back in time. Taking its inspiration from Paris, the Balthazar do bread like no other. Artisan breads and pastries is a speciality of theirs and you can pick up sandwiches and salads to go. They even do themes to suit the time of year you visit. It’s so good it even has its own dining room and if you’re feeling a bit flash with cash their award winning restaurant is right next door.
Balthazar Bakery

The Primrose Bakery is one of my personal favourites because they simply combine two of my favourite things – cocktails and cupcakes. Originally in Primrose Hill and now has a bakery in Covent Garden. The Gin and Tonic Cupcake and the Mojito Cupcake are the best and look nearly too good to eat. They also do celebratory cakes, wedding cakes and breakfast buns for those of you on the go.
Primrose Bakery

The Hummingbird Bakery, home of the red velvet cupcake doesn’t need any introduction. The original store on the Portabello Road in Notting Hill is the hub and there is now a few doted over London. The one in South Kensington is snug, homely, vintage and is housed in a Victorian building. It also smells amazing but seating is very limited so these cupcakes are best enjoyed on the go. The Whoopie pies are also delightful if you’re over whelmed with the choices available.
Hummingbird bakery

Le Pain Quotidien is quite the obvious choice and these are situated all over world. My favourite in London being in High Holborn. Famous for its communal tables and rustic breads that come in every shape and size, they pride themselves in their European style, organic breads and pastries. The reason I love it is due to the social nature. You simply sit where you can find a seat and it’s perfectly expectable to order a glass of prosecco with your mid-morning bun.
Le Pain Quotidien

Foxcroft and Ginger in the infamous Soho is a husband and wife team who do the most amazing coffee sourced from Sydney. More of a cafe than a bakery per say, it still has a bakery type feel to it. All of their bread and muffins are melt in the mouth delicious (and there all yeast free). You can have cake and a weird and wonderful flavoured brew or dinner and wine in this lovely wee place.
Foxcroft and Ginger


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