The Curvy Girls Club

review 1
I was asked a number of weeks ago by Notting hill press to review this book and take part in some of the promotional aspects of it for its UK debut. The book by Michele Gorman, a USA Today Bestselling author is due for release here in the UK on 15th January. Thank you to Notting Hill Press and Avon for my review copy in return for an honest opinion.

The Blurb
Meet best friends Pixie, Ellie, Katie and Jane. Fed up with always struggling to lose weight, they start a social club where size doesn’t matter. Soon it’s the most popular place to be – having fun instead of counting carbs. And the girls suddenly find their lives changing in ways they never imagined. But outside the club, things aren’t as rosy, as they struggle with the ups and downs of everyday life.

I have very mixed feeling about this book. As much as I love the concept of it and the idea behind it I found it quite offensive at times. Not so much with the actual content about curvy girls and being overweight but with the characters themselves.

For a group of girls who are supposed to be best friends I found them quite harsh at times.
Katie really annoyed me and it’s sad that she was willing to risk her health in order to be slimmer. Pixie was downright ignorant and I found myself getting quite angry with her and I also found it very predictable in places. For example when Katie goes out with Alex a second time it’s quite obvious what his intentions where and I was so frustrated that she couldn’t see it for herself.

Having said all this, it’s no reflection on the writing which is very consistent, down to earth and witty at times. It flowed nicely and I like the small chapters. I also praise the fact that the book focuses on such a sensitive issue and relates to most of the female population as most of us have either frequented slimming clubs or are unhappy about are weight.

This is the first book of Michele Gorman’s that I have read and i do look forward to reading some of her other books but unfortunately this book just didn’t do it for me. I give it 3 stars for its writing style and humour in parts but the way the friends spoke to each other and the constant ‘fat’ jibes just got on my nerves. An ok read with a happy-ish ending.


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