Three Amazing Things About You.

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Every so often I see a book and I think I either love the front cover, or I love the description on the back or I really enjoy the authors work. In this case it was all three. Three Amazing Things About You is one of those books that takes over, the minute I close it I want to open it again. One of those books where you find yourself reading long into the night or being late for work, simply because you can’t leave it down. And it is undoubted stays with you long after its finished.

The Blurb
Hallie has a secret. She’s in love. He’s perfect for her in every way, but he’s seriously out of bounds. And her friends aren’t going to help her because what they do know is that Hallie doesn’t have long to live. Time is running out…

Flo has a dilemma. She really likes Zander. But his scary sister won’t be even faintly amused if she thinks Zander and Flo are becoming friends – let alone anything more.

Tasha has a problem. Her new boyfriend is the adventurous type. And she’s afraid one of his adventures will go badly wrong.

THREE AMAZING THINGS ABOUT YOU begins as Hallie goes on a journey. A donor has been found and she’s about to be given new lungs. But whose?

I cannot honestly describe to you how much I loved this book. From start to finish it was gripping, compulsive, and I was completely hooked. I’ve been a fan of Jill Mansell for a while now so when I came across this book I couldn’t wait to read it. I can promise you I was not let down.

The book begins with Hallie, one of the main characters who is about to go through a major operation. She is having a lung transplant, something she never thought would happen. The chapters where small (which I loved) and as you read on you meet Flo, Tasha, Rory, Luke and Zander. Each as important to the plot as each other.

Hallie has been offered someone’s organs and I really enjoyed the fact that there as an element of suspense to the story line in order to find out who’s, despite the sadness it brings to the other characters. It’s beautifully written and is down to earth. Normal people living normal lives and I reckon that’s what drew me in so much.

It’s a love story through and through but it also deals with some very sensitive, unfortunate issues that people go through every day. It concentrates on relationships, and how some people come into our lives when least expected and change who we are for the better. But ultimately this book is like a lesson on living your life to the full.

Thank you so much to Headline and Netgalley for my ARC of this fantastic book.


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