The House on the Hill – Prehen House

prehen 12
The first time I visited Prehen house was back in 2013 and I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t been before. Entering the drive up to it I was instantly transported back in time. Its splendour and sheer size hidden behind the trees was an unexpected surprise to say the least. First inhibited in 1640, it is still lived in till this day.
prehen 1prehen 10
The Music Room and one of the Drawing Rooms

When entering that great hallway we were escorted into the library which was a former dining room. With books from all the greats of every size, age and era, some even dating back as far as the house . An open fire roaring, the faint smell of the turf and the ancient paper that lined the shelves. The only realisation that where in the 21st Century is that I’m holding my mobile phone in my hand and were clad in jeans and winter boots.
Prehen 2prehen 3
The Great Hall and The Music Room

Our tour guide Colin Peck is not only an expert on the history of the grand home but he in fact owns the house and has lived there since he was a boy of ten. We were taken from room to room, from the music room where the famous Mary Ann Knox was laid out to the guest bedrooms and the room that is said to be hunted. The great stair well is watched upon by portraits of those long gone and behind a door on the landing you will find what would have been the servants quarters.
Prehen 4Prehen 5
Part of the Original stairwell with views into the walled garden and The Basement
prehen 14
The Haunted Bedroom – it is said that ghostly figure has been known to climb into bed beside whoever is brave enough to sleep in this room.

The grounds are also to be admired with its very own walled garden and derelict fort. The woodwork in the library said to be the oldest in the UK and Europe and some of the fireplaces are originals to the house. Along the way on his travels Colin has gathered some fantastic memorabilia, one of which was previously owned but Suddam Hussein.

The tour cost no more than £20 per hour no matter the group size and lasted little over an hour. I blogged about the house back in 2013, about the history and background surrounding the listed building. So please check it out and let me know what you think.
Prehen 6prehen 7
The Guest Bedroom

Prehen House is a lived in, fully functioning Georgian manor. It’s beautiful, steeped in history and has a few secrets and ghost stories along the way. To make a tour booking contact Prehen House or find them on Facebook. It would be a shame not to visit the house on the hill.
prehen 8Prehen 11
Some of the fascinating memorabilia and collectables!


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