Fifty Shades of Frenzy


Tomorrow brings about the official opening date of the most anticipated and talked about movie…Fifty shades of grey. I for one…CAN NOT WAIT!!!

When the books came on to our shelves and kindles back in 2011 it sold more than 100 million copies worldwide making it the fastest selling novel of all time in the UK and has also been translated into 52 languages. The author E.L. James became an overnight phenomenon and is said to have took her inspiration for the book from her imagination, reading other books and also from a little life experience.

The plot itself needs no introduction. Anastasia Steele, a literature student meets Billionaire Christian Grey and they automatically have a spark, a connection. They start dating blah, blah, blah… You all know that this is not your classic love story so let’s not drone on about girl meets boy, boy falls for girl…let’s get to the nitty gritty….Sex!

A book full of dominants, submissives, bondage, in other words BDSM and not forgetting ‘The Red Room of Pain’. I do wonder, as I’m sure many of you do how this could possibly be translated to the big screen. Dakota Johnston, the leading lady, daughter of Melanie Griffith is as far as I’m concerned very brave…for want of a better word. And Jamie Dornan, our very own Northern Irish Mr Grey couldn’t be more perfect to play the part of a dominant airing sexual control.

With full frontal nudity and scenes that I’m sure will make some people choke on their popcorn the cinemas will be packed to the rafters. I know nothing about the art of making movies but I can imagine directing this was no easy feat. Sam Taylor-Johnson, the director deemed perfect for the job is said to have done so in a tactful and interesting way. Under her guidance it is said that a ‘dominant’ was even brought on set to help set the scene.

Tickets have been sold out for months and people have been re-reading the books to remind themselves of what exactly is on offer again and last night seen the world premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey in Berlin. Jan Moir reporting for the Daily Mail said that it is a ‘spanking great bore’ whereas the daily Mirror very smartly included a woman’s view and a man’s view. Surprise surprise…the man said it’s a good romp with plenty of sex scenes whereas the woman has said that the submissive suggestions may infuriate woman watching it but that it also runs a lot deeper than just sex. There is actual feelings involved.

Soooo…are you all ready to watch. I sure as hell am. I’ll be there with bells on. People who have banned this from cinemas need to come up to the 21st Century. Woman saying it’s a violation to woman’s rights, need to get a grip and realise that all this ‘crazy sex’ is personal choice and consented to and all boils down to finding ‘the one’ regardless of what they do behind closed doors. And yes, I understand that it’s not everybody’s cup of tea and that’s fair enough.

Personally I think it made a housewife into a million, created a baby boom, carries an excited craze and an air of animated disapproval and had readers and writes at the age of their seats, so it didn’t do too badly. Ok, so the books aren’t works of literature art and are sometimes cringe worthy but they improve over time. Fifty Shades is a shock to the system, Fifty Shades Darker is hardcore but more readable and last but not least Fifty Shades Freed is actually very enjoyable and carries a good story with that much sought after happy ending.
I think it’s great that a subject so frowned at and rarely spoke of has found a niche and has rather turned into the ‘norm’. Who are we to judge what others want, what they enjoy and who gives a dam what people do behind closed doors in their very own ‘red rooms’. As long as their safe and happy what gives people the right to screw their noses up at other people’s life choices, no matter what or who they are!


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