A little Sex in the City – NYC style.

What were you doing exactly this day last year? I bet you can’t remember…! Well, I can. I was living it up in NYC. For those of you that has been to one of the most iconic cities in the world, you will know what it feels like when you stand in the middle of times square or see your first yellow cab or NYPD truck. It feels like a sense of achievement. One of those moments you wish you could lock in a box and keep forever.
Times Square and FAO Schwarz Toy Store

One of the highlights for me was the On Location Sex and the City tour. We left this until the end of our trip and what a perfect way to end our NYC whirlwind. We boarded our tour bus at FAO Schwarz, home of the famous ‘big piano’ from the movie Big. Our tour guide, an aspiring actress, was fantastic and knew pretty much everything there was to know about SATC and NYC. She even managed to drive us right into the middle of a film scene.
Outside the Pleasure Chest and a Film Scene notice.

The tour took us to over 40 different location over 3 ½ hours. From Midtown Manhattan through Greenwich Village and Soho to The Meatpacking District with stop offs in the pleasure chest (where Samantha bought her ‘Rabbit’) to Buddakan – the famous restaurant and bar where Carrie and Mr Big’s wedding rehearsal dinner was held.
At Buddakan and the famous rehearsal dinner table.

We passed the Brownstone apartments that Carrie Bradshaw called home and even stopped off at Steve and Aiden’s bar Scout for Cosmos and many more attractions. There were opportunities to stop for cupcakes and a spot of shopping in the Meatpacking district. My personal part of the tour was the New York Public Library – the site where the would of been famous Carrie and Big wedding was filmed. To top it all off there was SATC clips shown throughout the tour and a drop off at the official merchandising store to stock up on my loved SATC memorabilia.
Inside Buddakan and the beautiful New York Public Library at night.

We were extreme tourists during our stay in New York. Wanting to see as much of the city as possible in such a short space of time. Everything we did was fabulous and unforgettable but the Sex and the City tour is something I also recommend to anyone boarding a flight to JFK airport.
Outside the NYPL and The famous Brownstone Apartments

That’s what NYC did for me. I hated that we had to tip for sometimes poor service but I loved the American food, diners and restaurants. I hated the fact that so many people where hungry and begging on the streets, but loved the magic of walking down 5th avenue.

To me, NYC is a contradiction in which I have a love/hate relationship with. Once you see it, you’ve seen it and once you do it’s done. It was scary but thrilling, exhausting but exhilarating and expensive but worth every penny. Would I do it all again…? Thats easy…in a heartbeat.



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