The Blogger that doesn’t Blog!

Ok, so I am officially a blogger that doesn’t blog. Truth be told I cannot find a spare minute to actually sit down and do it. My reading and reviewing is way behind and I have no trips planned until later on in the year.

This is all because March is a busy, busy month and the work up to it has been equally as hectic. My very best friend of almost 30 years is getting married and I have the honour and privilege of being one of her bridesmaids. It’s also her birthday the day before the big day and shortly after all this is more birthdays and trips.

I have to be honest…it’s taken over my life a little. My mind has been occupied with this and not much else with the excitement of it all. Between working out and yoga to shift a few pounds so I can fit into my dress, working night duty’s and doing general day to day stuff I haven’t had much time for Jewellbooks or my beloved kindle.

As blogging is a voluntary hobby and the average blog takes me between 2-3 hours to complete from start to finish, I unfortunately have found my time better spent recently. Despite this I will read and review the books I have received from publishers in the time frame requested and I will post them up on the blog.

Thank you for sticking by Jewellbooks and for taking the time out to read it, despite the lack of input in the last few weeks. I really appreciate it and I hope that business will resume as usual in April.

Love Janine at Jewellbooks


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