Maybe We Should All Smile!

Who doesnt love a great quote. In recent times with the power of social media quotes have made a name for themselves. Celebritys have been jumped on the bandwagon and produced a few crackers for their followers.

I love them as much as the next person and have been know to regram, copy and retweet my fair share of them. Some of you may think they are a load of crap and some of you may hang on their ever word.

This my friends is probably my favourite quote of all time!

On Sunday i went a roadtrip with my best friends and after buying a bottle of wine we searched for a secluded spot to drink it by the ocean. When we pulled up in Portstewart this was the first thing i saw and reading it made me do just that…SMILE!


Love them or hate them they are taking over from normal conversations, people base their lives around them and quotes like this one i found just give a few seconds of the feel good factor! Maybe if more people heeded them the world we live in would be a happier place.


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