London Life!


When you spend a long weekend in London, you come back completely skint, needing an alcohol detox, and feeling like a zombie. But we can bypass all these things for the best feeling of all, freedom.

London to me, is the best city in the world and there’s a million reasons for this. People wear what they want…like exactly what they feel like wearing. I saw a Chinese lady on Oxford Street wearing a vintage Chanel and a furry mad hatter top hat with pink ears. And she was just there strolling down the street, arm and arm with a very ‘normal looking’ guy as unconcerned as you like.

Every day we see people in suits running to their high flying jobs out in canary wharf. People just like me or you getting tube after tube to get to and from work. And then there’s the rich with their cars that pick them up at the door with chauffeurs that lift and lye them with blacked out windows to hide an identity. Fast forward about 12 hours and you see these exact people standing in the streets with their mates enjoying a mid week drink after work. All together, all mixed, all enjoying the city that never sleeps.

So whilst I’m in town I make the most of being a Londoner for the weekend. I drink green juice and detox waters, because it’s all the rage. I eat outside because the weather actually allows it over the water. I drink happy hour cocktails in bars that are more camp than Christmas and I drink Prosecco in the sun…all because I can.

In a city that has 8.615 million people you would imagine that it would be hard to come into your own, to make your time their count. I’m sure that some people get swallowed up in the madness of it all and leave quicker than they arrived but for the foremost; London brings out a certain side to people. A trait that you may never have known that you had.

London has the ability to make you ambitious, to really fight for what you want. It has the ability to leave you fiercely independent because quite frankly, whilst living there you have no choice. It brings out the artistic side in people, the alter ego. Makes how we see things more clear, what we wear more a part of us, what we do for a living more substantial and makes us realise there is so much more to life than daily routine.

So yes my friend, I’m extremely down in the dumps after leaving my home from home but I’m also revitalised. I want to write and blog more than I ever did. I want to change my hair, my makeup buy a completely new wardrobe. I want to live on detox drinks and do outdoor yoga and I want to take up a hobby that I never knew existed.

I want to socialise after work with friends and colleges and get tipsy on a school night. I want my nursing career to stand out and actually mean something with a permanent contract that offers bigger and better things. I want to read the evening standard on the tube home and eat wasabi soup straight from the cartoon on a Saturday afternoon because I have the choice and free range of thousands of restaurants.

I want to do all this because I can. Because a beautiful, ancient, quirky big city like London makes its possible. Gives us choices and chances, freedom and fires in our bellies. London life makes you love life!!! Makes you live! What could be more special than that!


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