Walking in his Blue Suede Shoes!


I have always been on Elvis fan. I know, I know, this from the girl who lives on dance music and a good oul ‘tunnneee’ when driving or doing my housework, but I just love him. His story, his voice, his looks, his gorgeous wee quiff and those snake hips. He was just the full package…A muse.



To get to go to Graceland was a dream come true after years of reading about it and studying Google images for pictures of his house. After the tour I can say that the name ‘Graceland’ could not be any more perfect for the land it’s built on.



It is 13.8 acre estate, located in the Whitehaven community of Memphis and was bought by Elvis in 1957. The name comes from the previous owner of the land whose daughter was called Grace. Elvis, his mother Gladys, his father Vernon, his twin brother Jessie and his granny Minnie Mae are all buried in what Elvis named the Meditation Garden on the grounds of Graceland to the back of the main house.



On site, head phones were given to us to narrate and celebrate this extraordinary man. His generosity, his kindness, his unbelievable unique talent for music and his child-like love for life. It is beautiful and grand and peaceful and tranquil – all in equal measure. Surrounding by gardens and a radiant atmosphere, like you can somehow sense him there despite the years. Graceland gives Memphis a buzz about it, like the Tennessee air just feels electric because of the history of this great mansion on Elvis Presley Boulevard, Highway 51.



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