When Life Gives Us Lemons…


I am sure you might have noticed a very distinct lack of blogging these last couple of weeks and there are numerous reasons for this. The most important reason of all is that REAL LIFE TOOK OVER!

In the space of a few weeks i have been offered a new job in a new city in a hospital i would be honoured to work for. I have stopped reading ARC’s (until after Christmas) and have focused more on my own ‘To Be Read’ list before it overflows. I have had to cancel a trip to London at the same time as trying to find somewhere to live there. (I know…its nearly impossible and doesnt make sense but hey ho)!

I have been out on dates after what feels like a very long time ( which is lovely by the way) and what should have been an amazing week for all the right reasons turned into one of the worst when someone I love very much was given awful bad news about there health.

So in light of all this, that i promise you has happened in the space of 3 weeks…i hope i am forgiven for my lack of blogs.

So my friends when life gives us lemons….we simply make Lemonade. We keep going, we fight on, we keep ‘er lit and we never loss hope. Hope that this too shall pass and it will only make us stronger.

Thank you for reading. I hope i didnt boar you too much! I will be back to business in no time.

Love Janine at Jewellbooks



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