Welcome to Lombard Street…The Most Crooked Street in the World.

Getting out of a taxi in The Embarcadero part of San Francisco was a pantomime in itself as a taxi driver, a lady in her late 60’s had serious road rage and a very obvious dislike of tourists. She was crabbit, cursing, sweating and got us there in rapid time despite the flocks of people and the nature of the inclines of the San Franciscan roads.

We joined Lombard Street at the top west end known locally as Presidio Boulevard and headed east down the hill towards the Cow Hollow neighbourhood. Famous for being a 27 degree angle, one block section with eight ‘hairpin turns’. It was originally built in 1922 to reduce the hills steepness so that cars could pass down it and was named after Lombard Street in Philadelphia.
A View of San Francisco and the Bay

The street itself is lined with beautiful trees and flowers and has steps running down the right side so you do not need a car to get down Lombard Street. Houses line both sides and it is thought to be one of the most expensive places to live in California. Unfortunately this road would not be accessible for those who have severe walking difficulties or wheelchair users.
On of my favourite pictures of Victoria on Lombard Street

Until going to San Francisco I never knew this street existed let alone that it was one of the most famous streets in the world until my friend Victoria sent me a picture of it. Everyone has things in life they want to see and do once and this was one of hers. What a privilege to get to walk down the most crooked street in the world. A lovely little addition to our Route 101 adventure.


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