Happy New Year. Heres to 2016!

What a year 2015 has been. Im not even sure where to start. I did things this year that I have dreamed about my whole life. That makes for a pretty good time i reckon.


I have traveled Pacific Coast Highway and drove over Big Sur. I have stood in the grand Canyon and been to the world famous Graceland. I even walked on Venice beach. I have had some amazing times with my friends and family and even managed to land myself a new job over the water.


But sometimes in life its the wee things that matter most. Like learning your best friend is having her first child and being a bridesmaid at her beautiful wedding. Or getting good news about a loved ones health. Or just simply being content with where things are every once in a while. These things my friends, by far out weigh the bigger things. Because living life to the max wouldn’t be possible without the health, love and support of those we love.


Of course with everything else in life there has been ups and downs and twists and turns and unfortunately we have to take the rough with the smooth because thats life. Its these things that very nearly break us but they also define us and make us who we are.


So as we move into the new year, i urge you all to follow your dreams. Do something that scares you ( trust me you wont regret it). Book that holiday, call that friend you havent seen in years, go on an adventure, read that book you’ve been wanting to start, love, laugh, live. And if you dont do any of these things, promise yourself that you will take a chance. It may well be the best thing you ever do.


Happy New Year my lovelies. Heres to a happy and healthy 2016!

Love from Janine and Jewellbooks. X


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