Under the Boardwalk.


“Under the boardwalk, down by the sea. On a blanket with my love, that’s where I’ll be”.

Everybody has a bucket list, or at least I’d like to think you all do. If not, what is the purpose of working long shitty hours in a job we just about tolerate? How else will you make those memories that no one else has with the people that make us happy!?

High up on my list was Santa Monica Boardwalk. It might seem strange to you but I have a thing for these old, mysterious, romantic piers that over the years has seen lovers at their best, holding hands and running from the waves. Lovers at their worst, screaming at each other through the noise of the surf. I have no doubt that this boardwalk has seen friendships form and friendships fade and been a shelter to someone who has found themselves on the wrong side of the track. Or simply a place to go when a person needs solace or time to reflect.

Santa Monica pier has been stood there, in front of Colorado Avenue, Los Angeles for over 100 years. Imagine the stories that would be told and the secrets that would be whispered if its wood and shadows could talk.

Santa Monica Pier and Muscle Beach at Venice beach.

Anybody who knows me knows that I am happiest when by the sea. This ancient boardwalk did not disappoint. What is just a pier to you with rotten wood and carousels was a dream come true to me. The soft cold sand and the hum of the sea, the warm breeze that blew through the rafters and the views of the endless ocean.
Under the board walk is a beautiful place to be.

Love Janine at Jewellbooks. x


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