She designed a life that she loved!


This has been a crazy wee week for a million different reason. I applied for a career break at work, have been flat searching and finally decided to take the plunge and book my one way flight to London. I feel if I don’t go back now, I never will.


Having lived in England before I always wanted to work in Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital. I love where its situated and the reputation it has in health care so when i applied for a job there back in November I was completely blown away to be told I had been successful.


Theres no secret that London to me is the happiest place on Earth. A big city full of opportunities and experiences just waiting to be fulfilled. Its lively all the time and no two streets are the same. People from every culture imaginable live and visit there and its impossible to get bored or run out of things to do. Best bit about London – ANYTHING GOES…so people can be 100% themselves.


I look forward to stepping off that plane in April and taking it all in. I love the smell ( like being on holiday) the madness ( its better to get swept up in it) the fact that people dont acknowledge your existance in the street or on the tubes ( but its the most social city in the world) the fact that as long as you walk the streets of London you remain anonymous until you decide otherwise.


I love that I can get food at 3 am and that I can literally travel from one end of the city to another on an underground tube! I love that living there never gets boring and that I can travel all over Europe within an hour or two from leaving my front door. London opens doors, lets people follow their dreams and I know for sure that it makes me a better, happier person!

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Love Janine at Jewellbooks. Xxx


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