Exciting new book news!


Last week I received a wedding invitation in the post. It was beautifully scribed, written with thought and addressed personally to me. Only one problem with this is that I had no idea who it was from. After a couple of phone calls and a lot of Google searching I finally got to the bottom of it. It was the fantastic workings of a press release by Corvus Book Publishers.

The book is called You Sent Me a Letter written by Lucy Dawson and is due on our shelves on 10th March 2016.  It tells the story of Sophie who on the morning of her 40th birthday wakes to find an intruder in her room.  Not only does he give her a letter which she is to open at her party but he also issues her a pile of threats if she doesn’t comply.  When the clock strikes eight Sophies’ and the lives of others may be about to change forever.

Said to be ‘deliciously dark’ by Heat Magazine and ‘Totally gripping’ by Company, I cannot wait to get started on it. Thank you to Corvus for sending me my copy for press release.


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