The Secret By The Lake by Louise Douglas

This book is haunting and mesmerising in equal measure.

When the family that Amy works for are forced to leave France, and move back to England after a tragedy, she soon becomes tied to this beloved family in more ways than one. Living in Reservoir cottage in the English countryside should be idyllic but something about the house is desperately sad and uneasy and Amy soon realises that they are not the only ones living there.

Caroline died suddenly in this cottage when she was just seventeen years old and Amy soon realises that it is her mission to get to the bottom of the heart break and misery within these four walls. As well as doing this she is caring for Julia and Viviane and coming to terms with her affections for Daniel and the links he has to the family she is so fond of.

This is a terribly sad but profound book. Set over a historical time frame the book begins in the 1930’s. It’s also hard hitting and unfortunately, probably based on many a story from the past. I definitely did not predict what was coming as I literally devoured the pages. It is gripping, frustrating and horrific in equal measure. It’s not often I’m scared by the pages of a book but this…this was the exception.

I’ve only read one other book by Louise Douglas called The Love of My Life and I loved it. Such a talent that reads effortlessly like she’s writing from real-life. You can nearly feel the atmosphere when reading this book, like you’re surrounded by it. I love a good novel that can pass hours like seconds, can quicken your pulse and can long leave you wanting more after you turn the last page. This is indeed one of those books.


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