New York from the Clouds.

New York has been famously dubbed as the concrete jungle. To see the true beauty of the city we spend most of our time looking up. From the Chrysler building to the Empire state, each tower a giant in its own right. The One World Observatory is no exception to this.

The One World Observatory is located at the One World Trade Centre site and is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. The main observatory is 102 floors above ground level and can be reached in just under 60 seconds in one of the state of the art sky pod elevators. These lifts have a virtual time lapse which recreates the development of New York City’s skyline from the 1500’s to the present day.

Standing in the observatory is surreal and unbelievable beautiful with 360 degree panoramic views of the world’s most iconic sites and surrounding waters. With the added bonus of the Sky portal which gives you street views of the earth below you. What a treat and an absolute privilege to see the Big Apple from the clouds.

Planning a trip to New York!? Get your tickets here:- One World Observatory


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