Night Owls by Jenn Bennett

I don’t know where to start with this book. I loved every single thing about it. Bare in mind that this book is not being reviewed for publication and I bought it simply because I loved the cover. As beautiful as the cover is, it does the book no justice for how poignant it actually is. This book combines anatomy, which as a nurse with an anatomy obsession was so accurate and interesting to read about.

It talks about young love, art, mental health issues which in the world we live in today aren’t discussed enough despite 1 in 2 people actually having a mental illness and of course not forgetting that its set in lovely San Francisco which after visiting there last year was just a delight to read about. The street names and landmark references giving me itchy feet to visit this lovely city again.

When Bex gets on the night bus called The Owl, one look at Jack and both their lives change irrevocably. Although young, the two main characters are perfect together and could teach us ‘grown-ups’ a thing or two. I loved the other characters such as Jillian, Jacks sister and hearing about her complex psychiatric illness. I enjoyed the fact that Bex’s mum was a down to earth nurse, whereas Jacks father was mayor of the city. It just goes to show that sometimes opposite attract and it really doesn’t matter who you are or what you are…Love is Love.

This book is just delightful in every way. From the anatomy descriptions to the relationships of the characters. It is perfectly written and Jenn Bennett has obviously found her niche in the young adult genre. This book is named The Anatomical Shape of a Heart in the US and became Night Owls when it came to the UK.

This book makes me want to travel, be an artist, fall in love and break all the rules all in equal measure.


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