Everything Love Is by Claire King

People write books about love every single day. About unconditional love, the should have been love, reacquainted love and happy ever after love but nobody has written about this type of love. This book absolutely blew me away with its immaculate evocative writing style.

The blurb (Courtesy of Amazon )
What I want is something that makes me feel alive. Joy, passion, despair, something to remember or something to regret. I want to have my breath taken away.
Baptiste Molino has devoted his life to other people’s happiness. Moored on his houseboat on the edge of Toulouse, he helps his clients navigate the waters of contentment, yet remains careful never to make waves of his own.
Baptiste is more concerned with his past than his future: particularly the mysterious circumstances of his birth and the identity of his birth mother. But Sophie, the young waitress in his local bar, believes it is time for Baptiste to rediscover passion and leads him into the world on his doorstep he has long tried to avoid.
However, it is Baptiste’s new client who may end up being the one to change his perspective. Elegant and enigmatic, Amandine Rousseau is fast becoming a puzzle he longs to solve.

This book is so beautiful I can’t even begin to explain it. Words just simply won’t do it any justice. Set between Toulouse and Paris, Baptiste has set about his life and career helping other people find their happiness. In all this time, he has never once considered his own happy ever after.

Do not be fouled by the idea of roses of rainbows. It is not that kind of book. This is a love story with a difference. When two people meet and nothing else matters and about sticking with a person through thick and thin. Through the good times and bad and ultimately about loving someone…flaws and all.

I don’t want to give any spoilers away about this book but it also tackles some very hard hitting realities that people have to go through every day. It discusses mental health and physical health and how this in turn can change people.  This novel is poignant and moving an stays with you long after you have finished the last page.

Thanks so much to Bloomsbury Publishing and Netgalley for my advanced reading copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Pre-order your copy here – Amazon


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