Ibiza’s Hippy Sister… Formentera!

Formentera is the smaller more southerly island off Ibiza. Known affectionately over the years as Ibiza’s hippy sister. At only 12 miles long and a mere 4 miles from Figueretas beach, it’s clear to see why it is a popular attraction for tourists looking to get away from the madness of Ibiza.
Locatable only by boat, Formentera was once uninhabitable because of pirate raids from the coast of Africa. Then in the 1970’s Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan pitched up and since then this island has been known as the place to go when the world becomes too much.

We boarded our sea bus at Figueretas beach in Ibiza Town after being asked several times if we would rather hire a bike or a scooter. Both of which we politely but promptly turned down every time, feeling a bit baffled as to why we need this. We were soon to find out after a 50-minute walk in the scorching sun from the docks at La Savina to Illetes beach. (Apparently this is the place to be). There is no amount of factor 50 in the world that could prepare us for that.

We stayed at the beach for preciously 15 minutes after sinking a san Miguel at the world renowned Juan y Andrea restaurant after our Olympian trek. We dipped our toes in the stunning crystal clear blue water. Admired the not so impressive beach and applied more sunscreen to our now boiling bodies before setting off back along the deserted dirt track to ensure we made our boat back to Eivissa.

Ses Salines is the first of many beaches dotted along this particular side of the island when heading North along the coast to Illetes beach and each one is kitted out with its own unique Chiringuitos. Personally the smaller beaches along the way are better if not a little quieter. Also its good to be aware that all beaches in Formentera are nudist.

If its peace and quiet your looking for or if basic living and sizzling weather is your thing, then Formentera is for you. I for one felt a little let down by the promise of beautiful beach bar shacks, pristine white hammocks and some chill out vibes. It is simple, unsophisticated and unspoilt. Not for everybody but a paradise for some.


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