A different kinda madness… Ibiza Town!

“I never believed in love at first sight until I went to Ibiza”!

What is you first thoughts when you hear Ibiza? There probably the same as mine to be honest. Groups of 20 somethings let loose on an island with nothing but drugs and glitter body paint to fill their days and nights. Well this is very true to an extent but it is also so much more.

Whilst the teeny boppers head to the west end to drink themselves into oblivion we were heading for the Sunset Strip and Mambo. This was until we found Ibiza town. This beautiful unique place is in a whole other league. It is my friends in a league of its own.

Ibiza town is a city located on the southeast coast of the island of Ibiza. It is known for its quaint streets, cobblestoned walk ways, award winning restaurants and after dark it becomes like nowhere you have been before.
Somebody once said “Ibiza is the answer…who cares what the question is”. How true this is. This beautiful island will make your troubles disappear, if only momentarily. There is something about an Ibiza sunset that gives you a lease for life. The people in Ibiza do not judge! They just take you as you are.

Ibiza Town is full of hidden gems, from the curiousness of the Dalt Vila to the extravagance of the Calle de Virgen. It even has some of the world’s best nightclubs situated right on its doorstep. When the sun goes down the music goes up. Embrace the beautiful madness that is Ibiza Town.


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