Stocking Fillers with a Touch of Magic!

I have to admit I’m not a massive fan of Christmas books. I find them predictable and unsurprising. This year however has put out some fantastic children’s books filled with Santa Claus, flying reindeers, snow and loads more. Getting your children into books is so important for their intellect, their concentration and their reading and writing skills. Not only that but it will peek their imaginations. Here is a highlight of this years best Christmas themed Children’s books. Happy reading!

A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig and Chris Mould

You are about to read THE TRUE STORY OF FATHER CHRISTMAS . If you are one of those people who believe that some things are impossible, you should put this book down right away (Because this book is FULL of impossible things.) Then let us begin…

Did you ever wonder what father Christmas was like a boy. Before the beard and belly there was a poor 11 year old boy who endured awful hardship. He was also a boy with an empathetic heart and a skill for seeing goodness in a bleak world. Nikolas stes out to find his father and in doing so embarks on a a sparkling Christmas adventure. Packed full with snow and sleighs, elves and reindeers, pixies and trolls.

The Christmasauras by Tom Fletcher

The magical, moving and bestselling first children’s novel from Tom Fletcher. Forget everything you thought you knew about the North Pole, and set off on a Christmas Eve adventure with boy named William Trundle, an elf named Snozzletrump, Santa Claus (yes! The real Santa Claus!), a nasty piece of work called the Hunter, and a most unusual dinosaur.

A warm hearted, magical story full of snow and flying reindeers. Also has poems on every chapter which is a bonus. This book is guaranteed to make to smile.

The Midnight Gang by David Walliams

Welcome to the Midnight Gang! Midnight is the time when all children are fast asleep, except of course for…the Midnight Gang. That is when their adventures are just beginning. When Tom gets hit on the head by a cricket ball, he finds himself at Lord Funt Hospital, and is greeted by a terrifying-looking porter. Things go from bad to worse when he meets the wicked matron in charge of the children’s ward… But Tom is about to embark on the most thrilling journey of a lifetime!

The Midnight Gang tells an extraordinarily heart-warming and, of course, funny story of five children on a hospital ward – and on a quest for adventure! It is a story of friendship and magic – and of making dreams come true. Readers are set to be utterly spellbound by this heartfelt story that will bring magic to everyone’s Christmas.

The Girl Who Saved Christmas by Matt Haig ad Chris Mould

This book is dubbed as a journey to the edge of magic. When Amelia wants a wish to come true she knows just the man to ask – Father Christmas. But the magic she wants to believe in is starting to fade, and Father Christmas has more than impossible wishes to worry about. Upset elves, reindeers dropping out of the sky, angry trolls and the chance that Christmas might be cancelled.

Amelia isn’t just any ordinary girl though. And – as Father Christmas is going to find out – if Christmas is going to be saved, he might not be able to do it alone. A glorious mix of fairytale, folklore and fun.

All these books can be bought here at Amazon Children’s Book Store


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